Theresa has 25+ years of progressive executive search, talent management and business consulting experience with market leading global enterprises in a variety of highly competitive market segments including; high technology, software, retail, venture capital, life sciences and consulting. Highly focused and driven to meet the most challenging objectives, Theresa is skilled at generating new business, adept at relationship selling, and understands how to build valuable partnerships that drive revenue and more importantly client satisfaction.

She believes passionately that the challenges of our world call for a new approach to leadership and talent: that we will need a complex and diverse range of skills and people to lead tomorrow's successful companies. Theresa operates the business as an open, informal and collaborative environment. She believes that the energy and creativity drawn from working together drives the team to consistently and collectively achieve results that are muchm greater than any single individual's ability.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education from the Univer sity of Texas at Austin.

Sarah Maurer is an Executive Recruiter Talenta Global.

She is responsible for the entire recruitment process including sourcing, candidate screening, interviewing, reference checks, and employment offer. She uses a variety of recruitment resources to attract highly qualified candidates. She has developed effective and efficient networking and business development skills to build an extensive network of candidates for an array of clients for any recruiting need.

Sarah’s professional background consists primarily of talent acquisition, business development, and administrative/customer service work. She obtained a BA degree in International Business, minor in Business Administration from Texas State University.