In today's competitive marketplace, identifying, attracting and retaining the right people has a major impact on a company's ability to succeed. Talenta Global has the experience and expertise to assist companies in gaining a competitive advantage throughout the talent management and acquisition process by utilizing proven methodologies.

Executive Search and Selection

Our proprietary P.I.E.R. (Perpetual Improvement Executive Recruitment) process is a customized combination of our advanced methodology, enhanced strategies/tactics, field tested experience and our business expertise, combined by design to specifically support our clients ability to recruit, reward and retain the strongest talent with consistent delivery and optimum results.

Compensation Benchmarking

Talenta Global provides in-depth reports throughout each engagement that highlights detailed information on industry compensation trends for diverse and non-diverse candidates.


Productivity Improvement

Talenta Global saves companies significant time and effort by dedicating and focusing the resources of our firm on providing a slate of optimal diverse candidates for review, while managing the entire hiring process.

Talent Analytics and Career/Executive Coaching

Talenta Global has a strategic partnership with Talent Analytics. For close to a decade, Talent Analytics has developed "next generation talent measurement solutions" to help consulting and training firms understand the "talent" impacting the success or failure of client's business initiatives. Today, 50+ consulting and training organizations include Talent Analytics’ talent intelligence solutions to ensure business strategies are embraced & sustained by a c lient’s employees, leaders & business culture. Talent Analytics’ sophisticated online Talent Intelligence Platform, Talent Analytics Advisor®, collects, analyzes, and visualizes talent information for consultants. Talent intelligence about teams, groups, leaders, companies, executives etc. is presented visually so the consultant can easily identify blind spots, challenges, and other important findings that reduce risk and increase success of consulting assignments.

Additionally, we offer Career Coaching ( individuals) & Executive Coaching (Organizations) designed to develop world-class leadership skills, enhance reputation & promotion potential, change management tactics. professional branding & communication & "survive and thrive" strategies.


Succession Planning

Talenta Global has an extensive network of passive executive contacts (i.e. individuals not actively seeking a new role) that are motivated to explore leadership opportunities with market leading organizations. This ensures a continual pipeline of top diversity talent for future challenges and business objectives

Diversity Recruitment

With today’s competitive landscape, the identification of critical talent is a top priority for all organizations. Talenta Global is a minority owned and operated business, with a special sensitivity to diversity recruiting solutions. Leading successful nationwide searches for 17 years, Talenta Global is proud that three out of four placements made by our firm are diverse.

Transition and Retention Consulting

Post recession, our clients and candidates are more focused on gaining the greatest return on their time, money and resources. "Placed Candidate Stickiness" or the basic idea that a candidate stays at his or her new employer for a length of time that generates maximum return on invest for everyone involved. Our proprietary process applied from the beginning of each engagement reduces voluntary turnover, improves productivity during the critical on-boarding phase & most importantly, the overall experience of the shareholders involved in the recruitment process.

Placement & Outplacement

Our career management and placement solution offerings including the award winning It's Your Future (New Grad), Boost (Professional/Executive) and MAX (Military Leadership/Specialist) product series, exponentially increase positive results for those at critical junctures in their career development.